Our Mission
To provide innovative recycling solutions for specific products which are immediate and current issues within Australia.

These solutions will divert 100% of the materials from landfill to ensure a safe and healthy community for current and future generations.

A Sustainable Approach


We offer several transport options to accommodate your combustible ACP cladding waste needs including skip bins, flatbed trucks & crane trucks.

We understand the importance of removing combustible ACP Cladding waste from your site as quickly as possible. Our process is to take the waste straight from the site to one of our approved facilities and provide transportation records to ensure transparency for you and your client. Our highly skilled team can happily assist you to tailor the best transport solution for your site.


Our unique separation process is the first of its kind in Australia and we are the first approved waste facility with the ability & technology to separate FR & PE core combustible ACP cladding waste. The process consists of the collected panels being broken down through specialised equipment. From there, it gets separated into aluminium and core material using pulse air and electrostatic separation. This results in over 99% pure aluminium and core material that is ready to be repurposed into new products.

Check out the video to see our facility and processes in action.

ACP Cladding


We aim to provide a responsible solution to ACP Cladding waste. How it works is, the core material will be remanufactured into other products where the combustible properties are not an issue. These products include but are not limited to wheel stops, bollards, air con mounting blocks, cable cover and flexible formwork.

Alternatively, the aluminium is used in the production of steel and thermal energy storage devices.

Reporting & Certification

We provide an end-to-end recycling solution for Aluminium Composite Panels which diverts 100% of the materials from landfill and uses the separated materials for manufacturing here in Australia. This is what makes us different! We provide one reporting and certification option. Our reporting & certification exceeds all requirements and expectations of EPA, Government & Green Star.



Project Specific Reporting

We will prepare a project specific report for each individual project. The report will provide full transparency from the moment the ACP leaves your site through to completion of manufacturing into final products. Your report will exceed the requirements of Green Star to provide details of the end products produced from your materials. Each report will include the following details:

  • Details of materials & quantities removed from site
  • Details of materials & quantities taken to facility & processed
  • Details of quantities of separated materials leaving facility & taken to manufacturers

Auditing & Certification

PanelCycle is audited and certified by a third party consultant in accordance with Green Star requirements. However, over and above the Green Star requirements, we engage the third party consultant to audit your project specific report and provide certification that all aspects are accurate and meet Green Star requirements.