Our Mission
To provide innovative recycling solutions for specific products which are immediate and current issues within Australia.

These solutions will divert 100% of the materials from landfill to ensure a safe and healthy community for current and future generations.

Recycled Materials to build a better future

01. Transport

Provide tailored transport solutions for each site with our extensive background within the construction industry.

02. Recycle

Recycle combustible ACP cladding which has removed from Australian buildings & divert 100% from landfill.

03. Processing

Break down ACP cladding through a specialised machine and separate into aluminium & core material for reuse in new products.

04. Consumption

The separated materials will be utilised to produce new products the will be fed back into the construction industry.

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of material PanelCycle will divert from landfill
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cost of recycling ACP out of total recladding costs
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buildings identified as high risk for cladding removal in Australia
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residential unit blocks in Australia have potentially flammable exterior cladding