Our Mission
To provide innovative recycling solutions for specific products which are immediate and current issues within Australia.

These solutions will divert 100% of the materials from landfill to ensure a safe and healthy community for current and future generations.

Is your cladding waste going to an approved facility?

Did you know that non-compliant cladding removed from buildings is classified as Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste?


Building owners, project managers & contractors involved in projects where non-compliant cladding is being removed are responsible to take reasonable measures to ensure that their waste is being recycled or disposed of at an approved facility.


Waste facilities need to either be approved by council or the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to accept waste at their premises. If they accept over 6,000 tonnes of waste material per annum, they will also need to hold an EPL.


We recommend the following steps to minimise your risk:

  1. Request evidence that the facility where your waste is being taken to when it leaves your site has the correct approval in place
  2. Request waste transport records from your contractor detailing locations where your waste has been taken
  3. Ensure waste goes directly from site to an approved facility

PanelCycle operates from an approved waste facility that can accept this waste stream. We have all the systems in place and maintain records to meet the requirements of every state and territory around Australia.



For more information see below link from EPA NSW.